You have to know that it is just a fiction. But the main idea of the project is to remind you how it is important to think over about environment in conjunction with future. Because these two things are common to all.

City and County of Denver

First PHASE : Building Blockchains, Compatibility, and Node CONNECTION to All

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Advertising and Marketing: What do you think of when you hear Advertising and Marketing. Well, depending where you hear it. But on the Internet Advertising and Marketing is not the same as with other platforms like print, radio, tv. 


In fact, you're better off just using the internet, and word of mouth. Then, when you have your foundation built. Now you are ready to advertise, with those media, who are verified. We will explain that later. 





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Introducing: Google Current

What's our vision?

Our Vision, is to build your Vision, your Brand, Your Product, and your Services to the Local, National, and International Market Places. We start this Vision by Offering the City and County of Denver domains of .Com and .Net. 

Why Choose Us?

We always tend to offer an individual approach to every client. Every Brand, every Product, and ever Service. We have the Google Authority to Own, or Manage your Google Products and Services on the Internet.


This would include all Google Products and Services, YouTube, and G-Suite. We're also Google Compliance officers. That will make sure your 100% protected, and compliant with all Google changes, rules, and terms of use.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

The Good news. You can "Do-It-Yourself", and Google allows you the freedom to do it all by yourself. But you could have a fool for a client.

When it comes to fundamental financial decisions, calling for professional advice will help you save your time and money, make wise steps to you, and your company's financial stability. And you must prepare, and protect yourselves from "Social Credit system Scores and Rankings 2020".

Seeing The Big Picture

"Advertising and Marketing: In 2020, the Internet is going to change, and for the good. We can no longer be so reckless on the world wide web.  And we must all. .... Do the right Thing"." 


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