You have to know that it is just a fiction. But the main idea of the project is to remind you how it is important to think over about environment in conjunction with future. Because these two things are common to all.

City and County of Denver

City of Denver - Colorado

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City Denver: (City of Denver) About -  Denver Loves company in the City of Denver, Colorado.  In 2014, the internet changed.  And we all start, a new decade in 2020.  See China 2020 - is launching the 1st ever "Social Credit System 2020".  Developers have been working in the back ground since 2014 in the City and county of Denver.  Preparing the City of Denver and its City Citizens' for the future Social Credit System Indexed on all Social Networks. 


According to Dreamgrow.com the top 15 Most Popular Social Networks in the World. Like - #Facebook, #YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinecrest, Linkedin, Tumbler, Flicker, etc.  Pre-2020, it used to be norm. To join as many Social Networks as one can sign up with.  The problem now, you have now created an overextended (Social Credit Scores and Rankings 2020).  Just like being Financially Overextended; according to Money.USNEWS.


Now, a Person, a Business; can be "Socially Overextended" with their Social Credit Scores.  And when it comes to Credibility Relevance Wisdom.  We built two Social Platforms, to protect the Citizens, and the Businesses that Live and Operate in the "City and County of Denver, Colorado".  We are looking for a Neutral Based, Independent Citizens and Business Organization to add this these platforms to your tool box of goodies. On what Denver will need to overcome the now categorized "Kleptocracy Governemnt" of the City of Denver, Colorado. 


We have done the (Advanced Algorithms), the (Advanced Predictions), based off Voice Indexing, and Pattern Matching  the Who, What, When, and Where, and with Whom!