You have to know that it is just a fiction. But the main idea of the project is to remind you how it is important to think over about environment in conjunction with future. Because these two things are common to all.

City and County of Denver

Human Design (humandesign) @human_design


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Boulder: "Human Design - located in Boulder Colorado; claims to be an Interdisciplinary Agency; for advertising, film production, and technology; hello@humandesign.com talk is cheap, actions relevant by City and County of Denver Commercial Network"."


We hired some people to look into an agency who can do it all. And based on the claims from Human Design. They thought to give Human Design a chance. Humandesign never called them back. So we ended up using a company from Miami called Global Filmz. They answered the call, and they produced these videos. "Gonna go to the Super Bowl"  https://youtu.be/r5VxZws-aac and this video "Bad Boi Bad Girl" music 🎶 video. https://youtu.be/BAhGVJosJ94 And "Caviar" music video; https://youtu.be/qGUljW4RqDw The internet changed January 1, 2020, and Human Design has been Indexed. No more bullshi! - Vitruvian Man #vitruvianman