You have to know that it is just a fiction. But the main idea of the project is to remind you how it is important to think over about environment in conjunction with future. Because these two things are common to all.

City and County of Denver

The Future : City and County of Denver Future

The Future - City and County of Denver Future

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City Denver: The Future is about the “City and County of Denver Future”. What Future for the Future Denver? Go Searching Future Answers on the Internet. What Future and Whose Future in the City and County of Denver, Colorado? About Future Government should #denver go to #denvercolorado. Asks #citycountyden on Twitter. 


There are many in the City and County of Denver that have no clue what the internet will change on January 1, 2020. So many in the information Technology Industry, have no idea about the change from Fake and Bias Bullshit content (False Algorithms or Black Negative Data.) To Verified and Unbiased Content (Truth Algorithms or White Hat Positive Data).


Did you know? About Internet is a Tyrannical Beast it Feeds on the Emotions and Habits of Humans.


Did you know that everyone in this building, and other Government buildings
located within the City and County of Denver has all been Indexed.  For the Good Bad and Indifference of All Conversations spoken, writeenand otherwise.

All of these conversations have been indexed since 2014. And why should Denver's Government and its Citizens be worried about being Indexed?  Well, if you are a Government Elected Officials, or an appointed Officials, or employees, or vendors who have spoken or acted or spoken with Bad, Fake with Bias Intent to influence a Government, Elections, Business and its Citizens Will all be held accountable on the Internet. Based on the new Social Credit System 2020.

To keep this as simple as possible. We will take the Categories of Government, the Politicians, and all those NODE Connections that helped. With the Indexing of the False Algorithms by these Governments, Individuals, and all the NODES. To be Pattern Matched against verified Truth Algorithm sources. 

What does this mean? False Algorithms to be Pattern Matched against verified Truth Algorithms. To find the Number 1 City, County, Township, Ward, Parish, and their States to number 10. Why 10? For the Scores and Rankings will go from 1 to 10.

When You think about how many Cities, Counties, Townships, Wards, Parishes out of 50 states.  Let's take Denver. With a record High Murders, Denver's Media can no longer says Denver is the #1 Place to Live.  And get away with it. - Marcus Giavanni